Pole Move Tutorial: Apprentice to Superman

This is the first tutorial filmed at the Live It Up Pole Fitness Studio! Learn to flip over smoothly into the superman from the apprentice.

One trick to making this transitions smooth and fluid is it to use a cup grip on the top hand of your apprentice. It may feel a little awkward at first so practice holding your apprentice with a cupped top hand first and make sure you are very comfortable in it. It helps to lean back a little. The cup grip prevents the hand from getting in the way when the leg passes over to the front.

The other trick is to make sure the pole is very close into the crotch when you pass your leg around. So stick the very top of the bottom thigh to the pole. When passing your leg over, give yourself a little push with the cupped hand to help yourself along. As with many tricks and transitions, it will take some practice to get this smooth.

Good luck, and if you enjoyed this tutorial, please make sure to give the video a thumbs up.

Until next time, be sure to Live It Up!