Pole Dance Move Tutorial: Twisted Grip Roll Down

Looking for a pole to floor transition move with a twist? Look no further! The twisted grip roll down is currently my favourite pole dance move for transitioning from the pole to the floor. This pole dance move is also known as the one-handed or single-handed roll down and can be done fast in place of a drop to accent the music or slowed down to a sexy sensual roll. Today, I hope to break down the mechanics and share this fun pole dance move with you. This move is good for most levels of pole dancers and it shows that you don’t need to be particularly strong or flexible to pack a punch.

For the twisted grip roll down, you need to start in a twist grip hand spring position. You can do this by walking your body around the pole or by folding forward and placing your hands into position as I do in the video below. Your lower hands should be around 1.5 to 2 ft off the ground, depending on how tall you are and if you are wearing heels. If your bottom hand is too high off the ground,the roll down will not be smooth.  Extend your legs and arch your back so that your chest is aimed towards the ceiling.

When you are ready to start the roll, use your bottom arms to guide your body so that your top arm is straight and lined up with the pole.  Make sure your top hand grip is secure. When first starting to learn this move, use grip aid on the top hand to be safe. If your hand slides, you’ll get to the floor, but it the results won’t be nearly as pretty.

Keep in mind that you that will be rolling towards the top arm side of your body. YOu will start to roll as you let go of the bottom hand, after a half rotation of the body re-grip the pole with the bottom hand. The pole should now be in front of the body. Let your body continue to roll from the momentum as you slide yourself down to the ground with both hands on the pole. Once your lower body is on the ground, you can release the top hand first and then the bottom hand to continue the motion onto the floor. As with most pole dance moves, this trick will take some practice to get it smooth. So don’t give up if it doesn’t look quite right at first.

If you want to see another tutorial on this move to get another perspective, check out the one by Dirdy Birdy. She does this move from kneeling, so it’s not quite pole to floor, more like floor to floor. But the idea is the same.

Good luck! And until next time, be sure to Live It Up