Non-Pole Performances Every Pole Dancer Needs to Watch

In my last post about what to do when you are injured and need to take a break from pole, I mentioned taking the time to explore Youtube for non-pole videos that may benefit you as a pole dancers. Enjoying other forms of performances will help diversify your own pole performance. We all know that physical cross training can help us improve in pole, so I like to think of researching different performance arts as a form of mental cross training. So let’s slick our hair back, put our hands together and dive into this free and multi-faceted educational resource. Here are some non-pole performance videos every pole dancer should watch!

Fitness Competitions

Alright, let’s start with this minor departure from our usual fare.  While not exactly pole, there are many similarities between the two and there is much to gain from studying our brothers and sisters in the fitness sphere. Both disciplines are trying to achieve a certain aesthetic, they both require a show of strength and flexibility as well as spectacular showmanship.  Check out this routine by Myriam Capes.


I love watching burlesque! From the slow tease and cheeky smiles to the tassel twirling, a good burlesque routine is a highly crafted piece of performance art. If you find yourself having trouble with emoting on stage or lacking audience contact, burlesque is the thing to watch to improve you game. Watch the facial expression especially. These ladies, and sometimes gents, ooze charm by the bucketful. The dance style is also massively playful and fun.

Drag Performances

If you want to know how to put on a show, drag performances are where it’s at. Whether you are looking for makeup and costume ideas for your next performance or just looking for some style inspiration, drag queens will never let you down. Many drag performances are not dance centric but if you are looking for a physically demanding dancey performance, check out Haus of Edwards.

There are so many disciplines to explore so take a break sometimes from the usual suspects. Try different types of dance, check out performances of all kind and take look at our body from all angles. Have fun exploring the time sucking pit… err, I mean, educational and entertaining space that it Youtube. And try not to get lost in the cat videos!

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Until next time, be sure to Live It Up