She loves to push her body to the limit and working out at the gym just wasn’t enough.  As a former rhythmic gymnast and Canadian Wushu (Martial Arts) National team member,  flexibility and dance movements come naturally to her. On a whim, she decided to try out pole fitness, thinking it would be a good fit for her background. After completing her first Intro to Pole class, she instantly fell in love with the sport.

Iris bruises like a peach and has sticky skin for days. You will most likely catch her admiring and showing off her new battle scars or complaining about not being able to slide down the pole. When she’s not at the studio, you will catch her in the crowds of music festivals and concerts, on foodie adventures and building that booty at the gym.


Angie first discovered pole dancing while watching a Cirque du Soleil performance and decided to give it a try out of curiosity. Needless to say, she fell in love after the first class. Angie loves that pole combines athleticism and art, while also challenging societal norms and attitudes about women’s  sexuality. She aims to empower her students to feel comfortable in their own skin, to be stronger than they were yesterday, and to have fun along the way. When Angie isn’t in the studio, she’s probably at the gym pumping iron, at a spa getting pampered, or trying something new outside of her comfort zone.


My name is Gabriela Moreno Ruiz and I’m a proud Mexican.   Born with a dancer’s heart and manifested that to my life, I started dancing since age  4. Having a background in ballet, jazz, tap and little gymnastics (short lived ~ as I was too tall!),  cheerleading, and bellydancing. 
When I moved to Canada I was looking for a big change of life, since I wasn’t dancing anymore.
I was in my early 30’s when I gave Poling a try for the first time. I remember getting to my first class fully clothed and being amazed  so I could see if it was what I was looking for.  I’m my short pole life I have found support, comfort and love, from the other students, Instructors and now friends. I invite you to give a try to Pole Fitness because it’s a wonderful workout like no other in here you will find best friends –  pole sisters — feeling encouraged — feeling beautiful — feeling strong. In my “spare time” I do have a career in interior design which I love to practice, too.


Hoping to bring in new styles of pole, you’ll find that Tiffany is always effervescent and experimenting with different forms of dance to incorporate into pole fitness to give you the toughest workout.

Outside of the studio, you’ll find Tiffany on lyra, rock climbing, snowboarding, motorcycle riding or dancing in other styles including; hip hop, contemporary, bachata and salsa.

Within her first year of pole fitness she has taken first place at the CPFA 2017 Toronto Pro Super Show Amateur division. She’s looking to compete again soon in other divisions as well.


Owner at Live It Up Pole Fitness Studio, Maggie lives to share her passion of pole fitness with others. She loves watching her students get stronger and more confident and is happiest when celebrating their achievements.  Always eager to explore new ways to move the body and different variations to fit each individual, she believes the journey is just as important as the destination.

Maggie has performed at numerous pole fitness showcases throughout Ontario since 2012.  Her achievements include placing 2nd in the 2012 Ontario Pole Fitness Championships Amateur Division, the 2015 OPFC Semi Pro Division, as well as in the 2015 Canadian Aerial Championship Pro Division.