Pole DIY: Grip Enhancer Solution For Dry Legs and Body

spray poleFor those suffering from powdery dry skin, sticking onto the pole for moves requiring leg and body grip can be a big frustration. Here’s a simple recipe for a spray-on moisturizer/grip enhancer for those with dry skin. It is particularly good for those whose skin stays dry and powdery even after a warmup. It provides a dewy, slightly clammy feel to the skin that mimics a hot dry day or a very long intense warm-up. Try to avoid getting this on your hands as it tends to make them slippery; this recipe is meant for use on the body. Do not use this if your skin is sweaty.

Make this recipe in small batches and make sure to use it up quickly to prevent spoilage.


  • Small spray bottle
  • Measuring spoons


  • 2 tbsp Vegetable Glycerin
  • 4 tbsp Water
  • 1 tsp Vodka, as preservative

Put everything in the spray bottle and shake it up. Use within 2 weeks. Play around with the ratio of glycerin and water to find something that works the best for your skin.

How to Use: Spray on to legs and body and rub in well. Wait for it to dry thoroughly before hopping on the pole. Wash hands after is this solution will make hands slippery.

I didn’t have vodka on hand and used gin once with good result, but I wouldn’t try any other liquor. Again, I stress not to use this if you are prone to sweating, it will only make it worse.

I hope this cheap and easy DIY spray-on solution helps those fighting to achieve a solid leg or body grip while dealing with dry skin. And remember to moisturize well after a pole workout to keep your skin supple. Give this a try if you are a dry skin sufferer and let me know how it goes. What do you do to keep your skin happy while maximizing grip on the pole? Please leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. And if you liked this post, make sure to pass it along to your pole friends!

Until next time, be sure to Live It Up! Maggie

3 thoughts on “Pole DIY: Grip Enhancer Solution For Dry Legs and Body

  1. Nina

    This sounds a lot like Dew Point! I definitely need this kind of grip enhancer, because with the dry air in Colorado my skin never feels grippy naturally.

    1. Maggie Post author

      I envy people who’s skin naturally grip. I bet Colorado is just about as bad as Canadian winters, atleast our summers are humid.

  2. Kiran Friesen

    Hey Maggie! How’s it going? I’m really interested in trying your recipe, but I have a question…do you find that the alcohol is at all drying? It moisturizes because of the glycerin, but is ultimately drying because of the vodka? I know so little about preservatives. So… isopropyl alcohol won’t work the same as vodka either?


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