Dreams are for Living

Live It Up Pole Fitness, the RoostA few months ago, I invited two good friends into the Live It Up Pole Fitness Studio to see a slice of my life they have never seen. I have known Momo (Helen) and Dee (Dina) since junior high, and despite going our separate ways for university and living in different cities, we stayed in touch throughout the years. We have witnessed each others graduations, relationships forming and dissolving, first jobs, first layoffs, weddings, change of faiths, going back to school and all the major milestones in life. When I first fell in love pole dancing, Momo and Dee along with 2 other friends pooled money that Christmas to go towards my first X-Pole. So, inviting these two to see the physical manifestation of my last 5 year’s obsession was nothing short of a pleasure.

Helen has always had a knack for words. Here is the article she wrote for The Roost about my love for pole dance and the opening of my studio, Dreams are for Living: Pole Fitness Edition.

Until next time, be sure to Live It Up!