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Pole Move Tutorial: Apprentice to Superman

This is the first tutorial filmed at the Live It Up Pole Fitness Studio! Learn to flip over smoothly into the superman from the apprentice.

One trick to making this transitions smooth and fluid is it to use a cup grip on the top hand of your apprentice. It may feel a little awkward at first so practice holding your apprentice with a cupped top hand first and make sure you are very comfortable in it. It helps to lean back a little. The cup grip prevents the hand from getting in the way when the leg passes over to the front.

The other trick is to make sure the pole is very close into the crotch when you pass your leg around. So stick the very top of the bottom thigh to the pole. When passing your leg over, give yourself a little push with the cupped hand to help yourself along. As with many tricks and transitions, it will take some practice to get this smooth.

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Pole Dance Move Tutorial: Falling Marley

Even though the Falling Marley doesn’t require a lot of strength or an exceptional degree of flexibility, a lot of pole dancers balk at this move. Something about deliberately falling forward with the distinct possibility of making friends with the ground head first just doesn’t appeal. But there are safe guards to put into place, rules to follow, that  makes this move a lot easier to control.

Rule #1: Hook your knee as high as you can! The higher you are able to hook your knee, the more controlled the spin will be. Angle your thighs past parallel.This brings your hips closer to the pole and requires less of the drop to place your other thigh (more on this later). This will require a decent amount of flexibility in your straddle, but nothing outrageous.

Rule #2: Place the thigh of your outside leg onto the pole ASAP! This locks you in positions and stops your body, and therefore your head, from continuing downwards. I tend to place my thigh onto the pole a split second after my foot leaves the ground.

The 2 rules above should help make the Falling Marley easier to control and learn.Good luck! Don’t give up, keep on trying and remember to record it all in your pole journal! Please share this tutorial with your friends on Facebook or twitter and share the love!

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Pole Dance Move Tutorial: Arched Rainbow

I love looking for novel moves that aren’t seen everyday.  Just a variation on an existing move can turn ho-hum into lots of fun. The arched rainbow is a variation on a layback. If it’s done without grabbing the back leg, the move is simply called a rainbow.  This move isn’t too difficult to learn but can really shine the more flexible you are. My goal is to be able to pull the back foot over my head in the future.

To start the arched rainbow, climb the pole at least once to give yourself some height. Cross your legs as if going into a crossed knee release. This is where things change a bit. Grab the foot of the hooked knee with the opposite hand and try to line up your thighs to the pole to get as much contact along the pole as possible. Try to point your top knee towards the ceiling.

Bend your lower leg and grab your foot or shin with the remaining hand behind your bum. In one motion, lean back and pull your leg down with your arms. Arch your back. You should be using the skin on the inner thigh of your bottom leg to grip the pole. Do not rely solely on the grip of your top leg, especially when you are first learning this pole dance move. To come out of this pole move, release your bottom foot and pull yourself back up into a sit.

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Pole Dance Move Tutorial: Twisted Grip Roll Down

Looking for a pole to floor transition move with a twist? Look no further! The twisted grip roll down is currently my favourite pole dance move for transitioning from the pole to the floor. This pole dance move is also known as the one-handed or single-handed roll down and can be done fast in place of a drop to accent the music or slowed down to a sexy sensual roll. Today, I hope to break down the mechanics and share this fun pole dance move with you. This move is good for most levels of pole dancers and it shows that you don’t need to be particularly strong or flexible to pack a punch.

For the twisted grip roll down, you need to start in a twist grip hand spring position. You can do this by walking your body around the pole or by folding forward and placing your hands into position as I do in the video below. Your lower hands should be around 1.5 to 2 ft off the ground, depending on how tall you are and if you are wearing heels. If your bottom hand is too high off the ground,the roll down will not be smooth.  Extend your legs and arch your back so that your chest is aimed towards the ceiling.

When you are ready to start the roll, use your bottom arms to guide your body so that your top arm is straight and lined up with the pole.  Make sure your top hand grip is secure. When first starting to learn this move, use grip aid on the top hand to be safe. If your hand slides, you’ll get to the floor, but it the results won’t be nearly as pretty.

Keep in mind that you that will be rolling towards the top arm side of your body. YOu will start to roll as you let go of the bottom hand, after a half rotation of the body re-grip the pole with the bottom hand. The pole should now be in front of the body. Let your body continue to roll from the momentum as you slide yourself down to the ground with both hands on the pole. Once your lower body is on the ground, you can release the top hand first and then the bottom hand to continue the motion onto the floor. As with most pole dance moves, this trick will take some practice to get it smooth. So don’t give up if it doesn’t look quite right at first.

If you want to see another tutorial on this move to get another perspective, check out the one by Dirdy Birdy. She does this move from kneeling, so it’s not quite pole to floor, more like floor to floor. But the idea is the same.

Good luck! And until next time, be sure to Live It Up



Pole Dance Move Tutorial: Side Saddle Superman

sssThe Toothbrush, the Polorama,  the Trident (as taught by Gary Horne), the “Butt” Superman, the Side Saddle Superman…what ever you decide to call it, this pole dance move can be a little tricky to learn. When I first saw this move, it boggled my mind that anyone can stay on with both their legs on the same side of the pole. Won’t they just pop right off? But it is possible! It just requires a little finesse and patience to learn.

To start your side saddle superman, invert and hook  our outside leg. If you are new to this move, start close to the ground for safety. Push up with your bottom arm to grab the pole above your knee. Swing your lower leg to the front of the pole and grip the pole with the outside of your lower knee making sure to get as much contact with the pole as possible along your thighs. This skin contact is extra important. For this move, it really helps to wear bikini bottoms. Or, you can pull up the leg your shorts so that there is more skin contact.

In the video, I switch my hands into a true or cup grip at this point, but this move can be done with a normal grip as well. I find the cup grip reduces the rotation in the move, but is more dangerous since both legs are on one side and if you slip, a cupped grip can NOT catch you. So try it with a normal grip first!

Note that at this point, the lower hand is still on the pole between your legs. With both hands still on the pole, straighten your top leg and position the pole right at the spot where your thighs meet your bum. If you were standing straight, this spot is where your bum and thighs form a crease. This is another reason why wearing bikini bottoms will help when learning this move. Once you feel secure, let go of the bottom hand and straighten out your body making a conscious effort to push the top leg back.  There is a tendency to rotate a bit in the side saddle superman and it is easy to fall out of this move, so make sure to practice it low to the ground first. For the same reason,  a spotter is also good to have for this pole dance move.

And because I’ve fallen out of this move myself:

Disclaimer: By trying this move, you are taking responsibility for your own safety and welfare. Live It Up Pole Fitness is not liable for any bodily harm resulting from this tutorial. Always put your safety first!

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Pole Dance Move Tutorial: Marion Amber

I know there are already a few Marion Amber tutorials floating around the pole fitness community on the internet. But I’m still getting requests for this pole dance move. I originally made a video 9-10 months ago showing briefly how I get into this move, but it wasn’t quite a tutorial. So here, I’m giving it another go. Slow motion, pausing, arrows and all.  Watch the video but also read the full explanation below.

Start the Marion Amber by inverting and hooking the outside leg. Position both hands as if about to butterfly. With both hands on the pole caterpillar up so that your body is vertical. This takes care of the “heavy bum” problem.  Please note that the movement is not quite a caterpillar since your legs are not in the same position. But is feels very similar and achieves a similar goal, which is to get your body vertical with your weight pushing through the bottom arm.

From here, use both legs to grip the pole right above the knees. This is important as we will need to let go of the top hand to reposition it. This gripping point is essentially replace the top hand in the push-pull grip, so make sure  your grip is tight. Itac (or whatever) your inner right above the knees if you have to.

You should feel balanced enough to stay in place with only your legs and bottom arm. If you don’t, just practice this part until you do.

Now grip the pole with your top hand above your legs. I have tiny hands and I prefer using a cup grip. Experiment to find what works for you. Since your bum is already up and your body vertical, you can now extend your legs into the Marion Amber. Holding the move is all about finding the maintaining the right balance which will come with practice.

Try straightening your legs WITHOUT removing the pole contact from your trapped thigh first. Once you get comfortable to that, you can extend further so that the pole is below the knee of the trapped leg.

I hope this helps you achieve the Marion Amber. This pole dance move is tricky, but possible with a little finessing.

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Apprentice to Yogini


Apprentice to Yogini Tutorial

As polers, we celebrate every time we learn a brand new move. But how many of us really take the time to go back to explore and get to know moves that we already know? I for one admit that I’ve gone through periods of “new move chasing”  where I learn a move, celebrate by using it constantly for days, then put it on the back burner while I chase after another juicy one.  For me, one of these poor neglected pole moves is, or was, the yogini.

It’s been over two years since I squealed and clapped in triumph from conquering my yogini. Since then, I used the yogini, like, the most…and only because someone requested it. It just wasn’t that fun to do, or even that flattering on me. It looks freakin’ amazing on super flexy, super slim girls like Karol Helms. But it was just ho-hum on me. And if it wasn’t a fun move to do and it didn’t look amazing on me, I guess I just forgot about it. Anyway, I’ve resolved to add this move back into my repertoire because I found the coolest way to get into it! I learned about this great transition from apprentice to yogini at a pole jam recently and fell in love with it. It’s a lot of fun to do and looks amazing on spinny.

Needless to say, you will need to be comfortable in both your apprentice and your yogini. There are two main tricks I found that makes this move easier when learning. First, brace the pole against the top of your thighs so that you can let go of the top hand. The second is to push with your bottom arm to hold yourself in place until your armpit grip is secure. The bottom hand really helps support the body while you get the pole into the back of the armpit. I hope this tutorial helps you get this really fun to do move.

Finding this novel way to get into the yogini has made the move a lot more entertaining to do. Now,  I’m interested in finding novel ways to get into and out of all the moves I tend to neglect. Do you have any moves you’ve put on the back burner?  Do you have a neat combo, transition, entry or exit to a move you want to share? Please let me know in the comments below.

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