About the Studio

Tired of pushing weights at the gym? Dying of boredom on that elliptical?  At Live It Up Pole Fitness Studio,the latest alternative fitness studio serving the Markham and Richmondhill area, we offer a variety of fun and engaging classes and programs  to give you an amazing workout. Never think of fitness as a chore again.

In the past decade, advocates of pole dancing has lifted this exciting new form of exercise out of the bars and into fitness studios around the world.  Today, pole dancing draws influence from dance, gymanstics, as well as circus arts. Dance styles can run the gamut from sporty to sensual. Pole dancing is an excellent way to build strength, improve flexibility, enhance coordination, increase endurance and lose weight all while boosting your self confidence.

Located just south of new downtown Markham, our pole dance and fitness studio boasts 12 shiny poles in both chrome and stainless steel (for those with allergies), as well as 10 yoga hammocks. Classes are small and intimate and you never have to share a pole!

While pole fitness is our specialty, our studio also offers a multitude of classes. Stretch and relax your body and mind while enveloped in our aerial yoga hammocks. There’s a class suitable for everyone, regardless of age, size, or athletic background.

We strive to offer a fun and welcoming environment to inspire  everyone to improve their health through exercise.  Live It Up Pole Fitness Studio also endeavors to be a place where members can form lasting and supportive friendships. We want our studio to be a safe haven in your busy life.

Our mission at Live it Up Pole Fitness Studio is to create an open community for people of all backgrounds to discover and build their confidence through physical fitness and mental empowerment.