The owner and head instructor at Live It Up Pole Fitness Studio, Maggie lives to share her passion of pole fitness with others. She loves watching her students get stronger and more confident and is happiest when celebrating their achievements.  Always eager to explore new ways to move the body and different variations to fit each individual, she believes the journey is just as important as the destination.

Maggie has performed at numerous pole fitness showcases throughout Ontario since 2012.  Her achievements include placing 2nd in the 2012 Ontario Pole Fitness Championships Amateur Division, the 2015 OPFC Semi Pro Division, as well as in the 2015 Canadian Aerial Championship Pro Division.


She is small but full of positive energy. This girl will always make you feel welcomed and will not let you leave class without a smile on your face. Her motto is “no pain, no gain!” She’ll support you to do moves that you have never done before or is too scared to do. You’ll leave class feeling like you got a good workout in, sometimes in pain, but in the end you’ll realize it’s all worth it.


She loves to push her body to the limit and working out at the gym just wasn’t enough.  As a former rhythmic gymnast and Canadian Wushu (Martial Arts) National team member,  flexibility and dance movements come naturally to her. On a whim, she decided to try out pole fitness, thinking it would be a good fit for her background. After completing her first Intro to Pole class, she instantly fell in love with the sport.

Iris bruises like a peach and has sticky skin for days. You will most likely catch her admiring and showing off her new battle scars or complaining about not being able to slide down the pole. When she’s not at the studio, you will catch her in the crowds of music festivals and concerts, on foodie adventures and building that booty at the gym.

IMG_5041Jen Lau

Always a dancer at heart, Jen never found her medium until she discovered pole dancing. If Jennifer is anything, she is determined, and will do whatever it takes to get where she wants to be. She is the proud 1st runner up at 2015’s Ontario Pole Fitness Championship Amateur division, which landed her in the 2015 Canadian Pole Fitness Championship Amateur division.

Her passion is in the exotic, sensual side of pole dancing but will give most everything a try. You can always find her at the studio coming up with new combos and choreo, or just refining her twerking skills. Her off-time is spent looking at pole and cat videos on Instagram, and she falls asleep by working out pole combos in her head.