Studio Policies & Etiquette

All new students must sign a waiver prior to participating in a class or party. You MUST use your legal name on your waiver, you may be asked to provide id as reference. Class fees must be paid prior to class unless otherwise agreed upon.

Our pole dance classes are females only unless otherwise stated. Please email us about co-ed classes, if there is enough interest, we can open up a class.

Registering for Drop-in Classes
To secure a spot for pole or aerial yoga class, you MUST register online for that class. If you drop in without registering, you will only be given a spot if there is space available. Unclaimed spots are first-come first-serve.

If you are late for a registered class, you must call to give notice in advance. If you are more than 5 minutes late, your spot will be given to any students who may be in line. In this case, it will be considered a no-show and no refund will provided. If there are no students in line, and it does not disrupt the class, you may join the class after a thorough warm up.

NON-member Cancellations and No shows
All cancellations must be given at least 24 hrs before start of class to receive class credit for rescheduling. Late cancellations or no show will not be refunded and will not be credited.

MEMBERS Cancellations and No shows
You have 24hrs before the start of class to cancel your classes and 12hrs to rebook through the booking system. If you last minute cancel or no-show for a class is that FULL, there will be a penalty as you are taking a spot away from other members.
Aerial Fitness penalty: $5
Other drop in classes: $2
If you need to cancel last minute, see if you can get another member to take your spot! If you can find a replacement, you will not be penalized! Just make sure your replacement tells me she is replacing you.  To be fair, classes that are not full will not be penalized.
Members with more than 3 no-show/last minute cancellation in one month will be unable to sign up for memberships in the future.

All membership and drop-in class payments are non-refundable. If you are a non-member who can not attend a class you have already paid for, please give at least 24  hours notice to receive a class credit. Credits expire within 3 months.

Missed Course Classes
If you miss a class in a  course, you may schedule a make-up class during the same session and up to 1 week after session ends. Missed classes must be scheduled in advance, prior to missing your class. If there are no other same level courses running, make-up class can be transfer to a drop-in class of choice or a practice session. There are no make-up classes for drop-ins, missed drop-ins will be counted as no-shows.

Pre-paid Classes Expiry
All pre-paid drop-in classes expire 3 months from date of purchase. Please make you can make use of all your classes within 3 months time frame before purchasing. Refunds will not be given for unused drop-in classes.

Practice Hours
Practice hours are meant for practicing moves you already know. Do not attempt new moves during practice unless given explicit permission and instruction for that particular move by instructor present . Due to liability reasons, only Live It Up instructors may teach at the studio. You can not teach your friend during practice. You may, however, review what you learned in class with other students. Remember that an instructor is always there if you need spotting and there are also mats available for your safety.

Private/Semi-Private Lesson Payment
Advanced payment it required for all private and semi private lessons, unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon. Advanced payment of 24-48 hrs is usually required to ensure enough notice for our instructors. If payment is not received by deadline stated in your email, your class time is forfeit and is automatically cancelled.

Participant Age
All participants must be 18 years of age or older.

Studio Etiquette

  • No greasy lotions/oils/creams on the day of your class. Greasy poles and floors are dangerous! If you have dry skin, talk to your instructor about the lotions that ARE allowed on the poles (certain aveeno, men’s vaseline).
  • Please, remove your shoes at the front. Only bare feet or indoor shoes allowed in the studio.
  • Remove any jewelry that may scratch or get caught on the equipment.
  • Do not wear anything with rivets/hooks, or studs on the hammocks.
  • If you tend to sweat, please wear something that covers your underarms while on the hammocks.
  • Respect our neighbors and keep the noise down. Music is fine, but don’t blast it!